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Focused Ministry


In these few years of being part of the social and welfare Ministry, we have noticed the need of providing shelter for the people as an essential need. The people that we have been dealing with seemed somehow related to the dark side of the world such as gangsterism, drugs, drunkenness, lust, etc. We also noticed that those living in these circumstances have embraced a life that leads to poverty and low standards of life. Some also lead their life into a darker side such as imprisonment or in cases fatality.

In order to counter these social illness, we started a “Halfway House Program”. This program is a simple effort to bring some affected people into a house, provide food and shelter, counselling and prayer, getting jobs, giving opportunities of learning life living skills and sending them out as better people to be part of a healthy society. In short this place is like a life reformation centre. Our core values being imparted are based on the teachings of Christianity.  

The example of people we target to reach out are 

1. Ex - prisoners
2. Those who want to leave a gang
3. Jobless people
4. Youths that need skills and education
5. Homeless people
…..and other conditions that may need attention as approved by the committee. 

Rural People Development (Orang Asli)

Shechinah Association JB is also burdened for the development of the rural people in Johor Bahru namely the “Orang Asli’s”. We are currently providing English lessons to 2 Orang Asli villages thanks to the help of big hearted volunteers.

We have also successfully contributed in providing clean and sufficient water for a village located at Kahang, Johor. The development of Orang Asli’s is a continuous effort and will need the sacrifice of time and money. We are glad to work with the government agencies, churches and NGO’s in meeting the needs of the Orang Asli’s.

We welcome all who have a burden to be a part of this work. We are able to teach and provide certain resources for meeting the needs of this people.


Shechinah Association JB also looks into the immediate need of providing food items for the poor. It is true that many people are not able to have the luxury of having enough food for the day. This is a sad fact. We have also done on site evaluation on such conditions. The cause of this is due to the lack of financial management by families, some parents that cant seem to have a stable job, addiction issues by parents, rising costs of living and many other reasons which can be learned from time to time.

Some churches and NGO’s gives us food items and entrusts us for it to be given to the needy. In a way we have become a channel of providing food for the poor and needy because of the gracious heart of people.


It many occasions we have heard about transformation of lives caused by prayer and counselling. We have of good team of people from various experiences in life that is a testimony to the people willing to take part in this sector of our work. It take’s life’s knowledge, discipline, patience and experience to be able to touch the life’s of people.


We at Shechinah Association is also promoting our younger generation to gain knowledge of work skills to be learned. We currently work with different types of skill institutions send youths to learn at these institutions. We understand that some of the younger generation who have dropped out from school get’s entangled by the unhealthy practises such as drugs, exhortation, prostitution, gangsterism, stealing etc. It is not an easy task moulding these youths but we strive to take efforts to get them back in the right track of life despite loosing their academical education. 

We believe everyone has hope, if they are given an opportunity!


Office :No. 09-03, BlockC, Kompleks Austin Perdana,
81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.

Half Way House
6B & 6C Lorong 2D,
Jalan Abdul Samad,
Kampung Baru, 80100
Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.


+6016-716 0462 (James)
+6014-382 0422 (Simon)
+6016-735 3516 (Joshua)
+6011-1143 7060 (Philomen)

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