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Founder's Statement

My name is James Issachar. I was brought up under a Military trained family as my late father was a retired Staff Sargent with the Royal Malaysian Army. Everything was discipline and more discipline. Growing up I didn’t understand the value of those teaching’s but is I began to mature things started to be on the well side of me. I was able to put to practise what I learned from my late father Daniel Ponnusamy into a much fruitful life. Mostly, I have always felt and still feel that God is always looking out for me by giving me all that I needed and removing all that I didn’t need. God is good in giving wonderful parents, wonderful brothers, wonderful wife, and great kids.

When I was in my teenage days, I began to wonder away into a terrible life of gangsterism, addiction and other unhealthy matters. It brought me to understand certain matters relating to the dark side of the world. It would be a long story to mention all in detail, and so if anyone wishes to know more about myself, I’ll be glad to have a chat over coffee. Nevertheless, I thank God Almighty for delivering me from the dark side and revealing my purpose as I continue my race in this world. To be truthful, in this race I still find many areas of purposes being revealed. I can’t find one thing but many other purposes and who am I to question God what he want’s me to do! Difficult to understand, complicated by I’m still learning.

Shechinah means the Glory or presence of God. We believe that God is able to change lives as many of us have experienced. So, we have chosen that name as God’s presence will make a difference in this Ministry and impacting the change in people’s lives.

Experience and divine intervention have burdened me to have stepped into this work. I wouldn’t be able to do anything alone either if not for the wonderful team which gives great support for this Ministry. It’s never an easy task impacting lives but let’s just do it!

God bless!


Office :No. 09-03, BlockC, Kompleks Austin Perdana,
81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.

Half Way House
6B & 6C Lorong 2D,
Jalan Abdul Samad,
Kampung Baru, 80100
Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.


+6016-716 0462 (James)
+6014-382 0422 (Simon)
+6016-735 3516 (Joshua)
+6011-1143 7060 (Philomen)

Bank Details

RHB BanK Bhd
A/C: 2-01017-0023748-0